Upcoming Events

Free 45 minutes class

August 19


Ages 3-51/2

Open House 

10:45 am-11:45am

All ages

Drop in available August 21-September 1

Ages 2-6

RSVP two days before

Schedule a tour by emailing Miriam at [email protected]

Children are eager to learn new languages. In Spanish 4 Children Academy they will learn Spanish in a hands- interactive and stimulating environment. Your child will also learn age appropriate developmental milestones in fine and gross motor skills, and social and emotional competences. Your child will develop these skills through singing, creative art, playing games, story telling, exploration, and so much more. The curriculum has evolved over the last 15 years into a diverse and highly regarded program that children look forward to attending. 

For registration please fill up the registration, emergency and waiver forms.

For payment contact Miriam at [email protected]

Coming up this Fall

 We are offering a drop off system on August 21-25 and 28-Sep 1. You can drop of your child for as many hours and days you need, minimum amount of time is three hours per week.

$10.00 per hour, sibling $5.00. Five children minimum 12 maximum, schedule your drop off at least two days in advance.

Ages: 2-6

We will be open 9am-1pm

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