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Preschool Classes

Your child will learn Spanish through a monthly theme (nature, seasons, science, sea land animals, etc). The monthly themes are supported by activities in music, play, art, circle time, stories, and outdoor activities.

Each class has a maximum of 12 students and two teachers. Starting in Fall we will take 2 1/2 year olds, space is limited for this age and $15.00 lab fee if no potty trained.

NEW- We are offering a drop in system on August 21-25 and 28-Sep 1. You can drop off your child for as many hours and days you need, minimum amount of time is three hours per week. 

$10.00 per hour, sibling $5.00. Five children minimum 12 maximum, schedule your drop off at least five  days in advance. 

Ages: 2-6 Time: 9am-1:pm

  •                   Fall 2017 Schedule Preschool Classes - Monthly payments available- Early                                                          drop off and late pick up available.


    Date: 9/5-10/31 Time: 9am-12pm (9 weeks)

    Fee: $297.00 

    Date: 11/7-12/19 NO CLASS 11/21 (6 weeks)



    Time: 9:00am -12:00pm

    Dates: 9/6-10/25 (8 weeks)

    Fee: $264.00 

    Date: 11/1-12/20 NO CLASS 11/22 (7 weeks)



    Time: 9:00am -12:00pm ( 8 weeks)

    Dates: 9/7-10/26

    Fee: $264.00 

    Date: 11/2-12/21 NO CLASS 11/23 (7 weeks)



    Time: 9:00am -12:00pm

    Dates: 9/8-10/27 (8 weeks)

    Fee: $264.00 

    Date: 11/3-12/22 NO CLASS 11/10 AND 11/24 (6 weeks)


  • 5%0ff if you pay September - December
  • 5% Off if you do two days or more                                                                                                                                                                          Please fill up registration and waiver form and send check to:
  •  Spanish 4 children   1450 Via Loma Walnut Creek CA 94598

Children develop and cultivate skills through sensory

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Children learn through manipulative activities