Waiver Form

Please write your and your child's  full name under each category

I understand that I will keep my child home if he/she is vomiting, have rash, lice or nits, have diarrhea, have an eye infection, have sore throat, have a fever.
I consent my child to participate in Spanish 4 Children Academy activities. I assume the risk of accident, injures from any cause in connection to participation in activities.
I understand that Spanish 4 Children Academy will reserve the rights to photograph my child. Pictures will stay in property of Spanish 4 Children for publicity use and social media promotional purposes.
Types of positives discipline will be used and, no corporal punishment or violation of personal rights.
No refund request after the last class meeting Failure to attend or no shows will no be granted a refund/credit/make up class Withdrawal request done within a month will get full reimburse, with in three weeks half of tuition, two or one week cero reimburse. Bounce checks will get $50.00 charge
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