8:00am drop Off available and extended care until 3pm. Four children minimum

Drop in available the following dates:

June 6,7 and 8

July 2,3,5 and 6

$10.00 per child $15.00 two siblings /per hour.                   

Summer 2019


Early drop off 8:30 am

June 17-21

Vamos a cazar un oso (We are going on Bear Hunt)

June 24-28

An adventure in the sea (A sea adventure)

July  8-12 

Desert Oasis (Desert Oasis)

July 15-19

Vamos a la Feria (Let's go to the fair)

July 22-26

Una Aventura con los piratas 

July 29-August 2

Vamos a acampar (Let's go camping)

August 5-9

De Paseo por la selva ( A Walk through the jungle)


Each Camp cost $240.00 

Snack is provided, please pack a healthy lunch and water.  For registration please click on registration, log into the link, click Summer Camps and register. Please fill up the waiver form.


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                         An Adventure With the Pirates

Children will get to experience their imagination and feel like real pirates hunting for a treasure. Through this hands-on, interactive, and stimulating environment, your child will learn Spanish through singing, doing creative art,and the company of new friends. All that while exploring the wonderful sea world.

                                      Let's go camping

Let's go camping! Let your child enjoy this great Spanish Summer Camp. Campers will learn Spanish while having fun creating art,exploring nocturnal animals, going fishing. Their imagination will take them down into the outdoor world, searching for while animals through scavenger hunts. Together they will build a tent and complete their amazing activities 

We are going on a bear hunt

This week will children will bring alive the book "We are going on a bear hunt" by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. They will cross the grass, go through the forest, through the storm, cross the river... Many fun activities alone the way.

                                De Paseo Por La Selva- A walk through the jungle

A Walk Through the Jungle will be a great experience for your child this Summer as they learn Spanish through music, role play,and scavenger hunts. In this camp, campers will explore the wild world of the jungle, using their imagination as they swing with the monkeys and swim through the crocodile river.

                                               Vamos A La Feria-Let's Go to the fair

Let's go to the Carnival, in this fun filled camp your child will explore the carnival life as they compete for( boletos) tickets and immerse in fun carnival games while learning the Spanish language. 

A Winter adventures

Children will enjoy going on a trip to snow in the middle of the Summer, they will Play with snow, going on a polar bear hunt. Their imagination will take them to a hike  on the Alps, and more fun activities.