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Playing is a young child's way of learning, Spanish 4 Children Academy is arranged to facilitate many wonderful opportunities for creative play.

Your child will learn Spanish through a monthly theme (nature, seasons, science, sea land animals, etc ). The monthly themes are supported by activities in music, play, art, circle time, stories, and outdoor activities.

Holidays at Spanish 4 Children are acknowledged but is not the focus of the curriculum.

This Fall We are incorporating Zumbini music and dance into our curriculum to make the prosses of learning even more creative.


Winter Schedule

Tuesdays: 1/16-3/13 $297.00 9 weeks session

Thursdays: 1/18-3/15 $297.00 9 weeks session

Fridays: 1/19-3/16 $297.00 9 weeks session

Saturday classes $165.00 6 weeks sessions

Maximum attendance is 12 children 

        Fall  2020 Preschool age classes 

Classes are only available in families backyards

Create your POD class by getting a group of 6 students 

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FALL 2018 

Tuesday: 9:am-12pm 8/21-12/18

Thursday: 9:am-12pm 8/23-12/20 NO CLASS 11/22

Friday: 9:am-12:pm 8/24-12/21 NO CLASS 11/23

Saturdays: 9:30-am-12 pm  (Canceled)

December 26,27 and 28 We are open for drop in


Fall 2018​

After school care available

Tuesdays and Thursday 12:pm-2:pm

For registration and fees please click on REGISTRATION and login in to the link